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Balance 24/7 is the home webpage for Ryan Lee, Senior US. Certified tai chi and qigong instructor.  He lives and teaches in Orange County California where he hosts monthly workshops and seminars training students how to develop the skills necessary to meet the profesional teaching standards needed to become an Official Certified Tai Chi Qigong Instructor with our world class internationally recognized qigong Instructor Certification School.  In addition to serving over 400+ local senior residents each week with Co-sponsored seniors wellness classes, he also offers genuine Common Core Tai Chi Chuan classes and seminars that teach students how to correctly train the internal movement mechanics that lie beneath all styles of genuine Tai Chi Chuan.  The Common Core Tai Chi  method created by Tai Chi Master Zhao Wei Dong trains the body in a unique way that produces the strength, health and balance that Tai Chi Chuan practice is traditionally legendary for but sadly has been diluted and lost in most modern day instruction.    

Ryan Lee

Founder & Chief Instructor 

Ryan is the Senior United States Qigong Instructor for the Tai Chi Qigong Feng Shui Institue under the direction of it’s founder Qigong Master Wing Cheung.

He is the Senior United States Tai Chi Chuan instructor of Common Core Tai Chi under the direction of it’s founder Tai Chi Master Zhao Wei Dong.

He serves as core faculty tai chi instructor and lecture presenter for the HEAL-IM UCI School of Medicine Program led by Dr. David Kilgore MD. at the University of California Irvine School of Medicine.

He has enjoyed teaching Taoist related arts in California since 2003.  In addition to teaching weekly classes throughout Orange County, he also designs custom classes and seminars for Corporate Health Care sponsors.