Aliso Viejo

Aliso Viejo Classes

Aliso Viejo –  Aliso Viejo City Hall

Common Core Tai Chi Chuan

Monday 9:00am
Ongoing class series. New 4 or 5 week series starts 1st week of each month.  

Advanced Registration required for full session.  $20 per class. Drop In $25

Register Online Here – City of Aliso Viejo 

Step by step instruction in the fundamentals of Common Core Tai Chi Chuan. Excellent for improving posture, mood and flexibility while reducing stress. Great for cultivating stronger mind body health using gentle flowing body movements that are easy to learn and a pleasure to practice daily. Ideal for students with some previous exposure to tai chi or qigong at the Community College/Emeritus or Senior Center level. Students are taught how to train the body using the correct posture, breathing, and movement mechanics that are common within all styles of genuine Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong practice. 

Prerequisite: None, however some previous exposure to tai chi or qigong is recomended.  

This class is presented by the City of Aliso Viejo.  Winter / Spring (Indoors) , Summer / Fall (Outdoors)

Non Aliso Viejo Resident fee $10